Mommies, Mean Business!!

Many actresses, performers, and artists who are either expecting or currently parents enjoy running businesses on the side of their busy schedules as Mommy’s. These businesses are always creative and interesting, especially to other Mothers who look up to these celebrity Moms. Household items, food/food recipes, and party/event props are #1 sellers for these celebrity-run businesses. There are a few businesses that every Mom should check out for fun, safe, and adorable celebrity approved items!

Reese-Witherspoon-700The ultimate Southern Belle, Reese Witherspoon, runs a  business called Draper James. You can access items from her business on and in her brick-and-mortar location in Nashville, TN. This website is the epitome of Reese Witherspoon, customers feel as if they are browsing through Reese’s closet and house while shopping. Draper James has everything that a Mom could need from household items to clothing to handbags. Along with that, Reese has her own blog, city guide, and featured shops on her website.

ali1Actress Alicia Silverstone runs The “Kind Life” brand is all about natural recipes and different ways for Moms to be healthy. As for the entrepreneurial aspects of this business, Silverstone made The Kind Diet cookbook. This cookbook is “A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet”, which pretty much sums up what Silverstones business is all about.

Melissa McCarthy
is one of the most down to earth celebrity Moms, and her clothing empire Seven7 proves this. Seven7 is sold through HSN, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lane Bryant along with other stores. Her website,, has personal tips about finding the right fit from McCarthy herself. She says, “I have been every size on the planet and know that I did not lose my sense of style when I went above a size 12”. Her entire clothing business revolves around this. She offers fashionable options for women who are not a size 0 but who still want to dress stylish.melissa+mccarthy+seven7

Seeing celebrity Moms juggling a million things at once while also running a successful brand is inspiring. Every Mom should try to browse these websites, even if it is just for inspiration for all aspects of life!


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