Secrets to Beyonce’s Fountain of Youth.


Since Beyonce’ is from Planet Perfection, she is obviously one of the most talked about and coveted mama’s in the industry. Who wouldn’t want to steal some beauty/ style secrets from the Queen herself!?

042916-tina-knowles-leadThe first and best source to turn to, regarding beauty secrets is the person who almost every woman looks up to, their Mama! Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s (radiant and beautiful) Mom, spilled her hair tips for girls who prefer the natural hair look. Tina has curly hair, just like Bey, and also owned her own hair salon so she knows what she’s talking about. Her hair stylist de-frizzes her natural curls by wrapping a curling iron around some of her strands to give her a spiral curl. This can be done so quickly for curly/wavy haired Mama’s who aspire to have the Knowles ladies luscious locks.

Although this may be hard for some to believe, Beyonce’ is an actual human being. She gets overwhelmed and sometimes suffers from sleep deprivation, just like most of us. Yet still she manages to maintain beautiful glowing skin while not only being a A-1 mom, but by also juggling a hectic ‘pop star’ life. So how does she do it? Whats her secret? You may be asking.                                                beyonce-1024

Well! Bey’s makeup man spilled a minor skin tip. He stated that he advises Beyonce’ and other clients to rub eye cream all over their face( Bizarre I know). If this little trick can work for ‘Queen Bey’ it may work for you too.

He also mentioned that Kale is a beauty go-to that helps circulate your blood and helps to prevent daily skin drama.

We’ve lth-4earned that Beyonce’ doesn’t only wear her shades to be a style icon,  but she always has a pair of sunglasses on hand to avoid any potential skin damages. Its been said that she puts gold eye shadow in the corners of her eyes to make them brighter and appear larger.

Mama Knowles’  also co-wrote a book talking about style tips and how Beyonce’s style evolved from her Destiny’s Child days. One of her greatest pieces of advice was that it’s all about confidence.  When you hear the name Beyonce’, you think of a woman who knows what she wants and gets what she wants, all while remaining humble.


Beyonce’ can wear whatever she wants and get away with it, not because of her physical attributes but because of her natural confidence. Confidence is definitely key ladies!


Below are some of Beyonce’s Favorite Beauty Products. Try them out and see how/if they may work for you.

Carols-Daughter-Ocean-Collection-Michelle-smCarol’s Daughter: Ocean Sea Salt Scrub





L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray (P.S: Even celebrities love drugstore products. It does not have to be expensive to work well!)


     M.A.C. Fix+ M31iF56IwPWL._AC_UL320_SR208,320_.A.C.  Fix+



Sulfate free shampoos and hot oil   treatments with Vitamin E.




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