Single Moms Need “Me Time”

Being a single Mom most definitely has it’s ups and downs. Just like many other aspects of life it is important to learn from your mistakes and be optimistic even when the going gets tough.  Many single Moms may feel inspired by some of the busiest women in the world tackling the single Mom job with a smile on their face. 

article-2156502-1383D54F000005DC-852_634x626As a single Mom, or even a married Mom, it is always important to remember to take care of yourself along with your child. Many TV shows display the adventure of being a single parent on the big screen. Actress Lauren Graham plays a single super-parent in both Gilmore Girls and Parenthood. On both of these television shows, Graham plays  a single Mom who always overcomes obstacles and becomes stronger and more knowledgeable every time.

It is so easy to get caught up with taking care of a child, that many Moms forget that they matter too! Mental and physical health go hand in hand. If a Mom does not look refreshed she will not feel refreshed and this will affect her mood, ability to care for her children, and her mental health.and her mental health.                       96505a8d8e20750c9e35b3896759724d

Autumn Reeser is the star of the television show No Ordinary Family. She preaches the importance of pampering yourself as a Mom, and making the time to do so. She has said that she always feels better if she spends some time doing nice hair and makeup in the morning, even if it is just a 5 minute natural makeup and hair routine.

If time is an issue, create a minimal beauty ritual once a week for 15 minutes while the baby is napping. It is important to make treating yourself apart of your routine, eventually it will become second nature- just like changing a diaper (ha!).  A face or hair mask is the perfect quick routine that will make any Mommy mentally and physically refreshed. This will result in more overall energy and charisma at work, social situations, and home.

Along with lack of time, budgeting may also be an issue for single moms. Unlike celebrities who have the ability to relax in the classiest spas, high end stores, and five star salons; a majority of single Moms do not have that luxury. Time and money are things a mom, especially a single mom, can not take for granted. But! Their is no excuse to not have some “personal time”. Taking a hot bath, drinking a glass of wine, enjoying a pedicure, or cooking a nice meal are all rewarding ways to mentally and physically relax.  These suggestions all cost under $10 and will mentally relax an overworked Super-Mom!


So many strong, independent, and successful women in Hollywood are single Moms who are doing just fine. So if you are a single Mom who needs a push of motivation- just remember, you’re doing a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C job and you’re not really alone!


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