Styling The Baby Bump

IMG_0075Pregnancy can be an amazing journey as we marvel at the miracle our bodies can perform. However, dressing around this ever expanding miracle can present a challenge. This new approach offers an anything goes solution to pregnancy dressing. Your wardrobe should always reflect your sense of style and make you feel amazing. This is the one shot in life to highlight a growing belly so here are a few tips to do it in style!

Resist the urge to buy a whole new maternity wardrobe in one go. Break it down by trimester and choose a few well thought out pieces to accommodate your changing shape. Every body is different and it is difficult to foresee what you may or may not need.

A classic silhouette that begets a flattering drape is the empire waist, while A line skirts and dresses help to create balance. Wrap or Surplus Style contain a growing bust line and are sexy and feminine. An asymmetric, rouched t shirt will grow right along with you.

Look for thin knits with lycra or some sort of stretch. Search out a snug fit as opposed to bulky fabric, which can add weight. Mix in other fabrics to avoid the head to toe lycra look. Show off your slender arms, shapely legs, and new found cleavage.

A pencil or A line skirt is nice to have as well. Buying second hand can be a great option if you are on a budget because the clothing has not had much wear.

Other options you may already have in your wardrobe include a shift style mini, midi or maxi dress. Jumpsuits are incredibly versatile and overalls are adorable if you can pull it off. Don’t shy away from stripes if that is your thing, they look darling stretched over the bump and paired with a pencil skirt, or denim and a blazer.Dressing Mommys to be (2)_副本

Accessories are the perfect way to accent features that are enhanced during pregnancy. Show off your shiny hair with scarves, headbands and earrings. Bracelets highlight delicate wrists and a statement necklace will showcase cleavage. Go big and bold. Your growing body is the perfect framework for larger and more dramatic adornments.

The edgy gal can find embellishments such as studs or skulls. Florals have a more feminine appeal. As your belly expands and it becomes difficult to maneuver lace ups, try slip-ons and clogs. If you are pregnant in the summer time, Birkenstocks will quickly become your new go to and this brand has come a long way since the crunchy granola days of it’s inception.

Pregnancy is a celebratory time and one of the special moments in life when the focus is on you. Whatever your style, stay true to your look and have fun with it. Revel in your goddess status before the inevitable onslaught of dirty diapers and spit up, which may require yet another wardrobe redo.


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