Styling the Mama’s

Dressing Moms

Traditionally, moms have gotten a bad rap in the fashion department.

However, with trends like the Mom Jean and Athleisure’ Wear showing no signs of slowing; all that is changing and Mom Fashion is Au courant’.

Fashion is often the last thing on a busy mom’s mind. Here’s foolproof guide for looking your best with the least amount of effort.

 Invest in quality over quantity:
Having a wardrobe that is filled only with things that you love and that fit well can save a tremendous amount of time and frustration.  The key is to look for well­ constructed items that are timeless and that you will never get tired of.  Let’s start with your foundational items: A well fitting bra, control top tights, and a pair of Spanx can perform miracles.

Purchase items that can work double duty:

Dressing Moms

For instance, a fitted knit
midi dress is perfect to wear over your gym gear with a pair of slip­-ons and a cross-body bag.This dress can take you to dinner by swapping the sneakers for spiky ankle boots, a moto jacket, and statement earrings. A shirt dress is perfect and comfortable to wear to work.with classic pumps and a structured tote. 

Tuck your flats into your bag and this looks effortless at the park with the kids after work.  For more great work attire, wearing a pair of printed, straight leg trousers works well in the office with a blouse and blazer.  On the weekend, you can wear these same trousers with a simple tee, ankle boots, and a denim jacket. 

Deconstruct your suit:

and wear the blazer with a tee and boyfriend jeans for a cute, casual date outfit.  For that preppy chic look, a pencil skirt with a crew neck sweater and riding boots does the trick.

Add in some Athleiure:

Athleisure wear works well for the stay at home mom.Upgrading your yoga pants with a pair of joggers and adding a tee and denim jacket works great for a day at the park.  Ponte pants are a great alternative to denim and look sharp with a chambray top or perhaps a classic striped knit.  Jumpsuits and overalls are perfect for grab and go dressing when time just isn’t something that you have.

Keep your denim collection up-­to­-date :

Dressing Moms

Currently, anything goes as far as style and fit of jeans, so choose the silhouette most flattering for your figure. 

High-waisted denim looks great on everyone and is a look that is here to stay.

Wide leg culottes are a fun trend to try out with wedges or lace up flats.  A tunic pairs nicely with a pair of skinnies’ ,leggings and ankle boots.


Think comfy shoes; comfortable shoes:

 Always crucial to have on hand, but invest in the best you can afford.  Some great choices for comfortable shoes that are trendy and versatile: No. 6 Clogs, slip­-on sneakers, and cut­out ankle boots.  Hats are always a great accessory as they are a perfect foil for a bad hair day and add style to your look.  Think rancher or fedora for an aura of mystery. 

 Have fun with your accessories; make them functional:

Hats are always a great accessory as they are a perfect foil for a bad hair day and add style to your look.  Think rancher or fedora for an aura of mystery. A sun hat and sunglasses are a great way to stay shaded and look cool. 

Scarves are another versatile accessory that can fill in as a blanket, nursing cover, headband, or even a napkin in a pinch.  A roomy tote is perfect for carrying the essentials; to keep your hands free, however, a backpack or cross-body bag are great options, but do invest in good quality that will age well and withstand the wear and tear of childhood.

Dressing Moms

Plan out your outfit the night before:

Make sure to lay your outfit in a place that is easy to reach, complete with accessories.  You can look to Pinterest or Polyvore for inspiration, but remain true to your own unique style. 

Reclaim it! 

It is never too late and you are still that person; probably even more complete now with yogurt stains and quite possibly a Cheerio stuck to your cheek.  How we present ourselves to the world matters and the better that you look, the better that you feel.  Your kids are watching and admiring your self­-confidence, so have fun and rock your mom jeans!

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