Mom Style Must Haves: The Perfect Trench

Some items will never go out of style or have been in style so long that they are now classics. One of those must-have items is the trench coat. 


Sometimes trench coats can seem a little lackluster, like there is nothing all that exciting about them.  Yes they are a classic, but they don’t always make much of a fashion statement on their own.  When wearing a trench coat in a modern way, it’s important to mix classic staples with some updated, on-trend pieces and statement accessories.  The trench coat is the perfect blank canvas to base any fall outfit around and a must-have for the busy, yet stylish mom.

 Maybe you haven’t taken the plunge into purchasing a trench coat for yourself just yet; after all, those coveted Burberry coats have an intimidating price tag.  That’s why we loved this $199 Zara version in the perfect shade of camel.  It also definitely gets bonus points for it being a part of their sustainable collection.  This trench also has a slightly draped, oversized fit which adds a little modern touch to the classic piece.  


    A great way to add a modern flair to the classic trench is to pair it with different textures; we love the look of a trench with some leather or coated leggings and on-trend sneakers.  The leather pants and modern snakes are a great contrast to the traditional trend while also being a practical outfit for busy weekend days.  You can finish off the look with a statement tote for some added flair.  shutterstock_108640823_副本

 For an outfit that is more appropriate for work, we suggest a wrap skirt and turtleneck combo.  Throw on a pair of tight ankle booties with an anything but basic heel and you have a classic yet trendy outfit.  Top everything off with geometric earrings and a suede bag; the suede is a great touch of texture when it is next to a fuzzy turtleneck and the sleek trench.


Throwing a trench on top of a basic outfit is also a great way to make a super casual ensemble feel chic and put together.  We love the look of some loose-fit jeans and a white blouse, but by adding a trench coat on top, the whole outfit feels really enhanced.  Complete the look with a pair of funky yet easy to walk in embossed booties and a practical carry all bag for a classic outfit that will never go out of style.  

The trench coat is one of those forever pieces, because it will always be in style!  It might seem basic, but when paired with the right accessories it is anything but boring.  We love the versatile nature of a trench coat and how it is a perfect fall layer.

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