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shutterstock_457159843_副本For a professional mom who is as equally interested in PTA meetings as they are in their career, a well-rounded closet is the key to making getting dressed early in the morning a breeze.  


KleauMedia_Selections-a_副本The key to a perfect style update is adding versatile pieces that are equal parts of classic and trendy into your wardrobe, that way when you’re in a pinch, a stylish outfit is only a second away.  When building up your autumn wardrobe, stick to neutral colors and modern shapes in order to ensure you get the most wear out of your new purchases.  A casual blazer, versatile tote, comfortable slingbacks are the perfect fall additions to the busy mom’s closet.


 While your denim jacket was a trusty sidekick during the summer months as you went from sweltering city streets to chilly air conditioned buildings, the fall update is a casual blazer. Whether you throw it on with jeans or wear it to the office with trousers, a blazer is the perfect year-round wardrobe staple.  While you can wear it as a jacket now, use the casual blazer as a second layer under an overcoat in the winter.


3 chick_副本_副本11_副本9999_副本_副本_副本 This summer was the revival of Jane Birin’s straw basket bag, and while we couldn’t get enough of it (so summery but also so practical), the autumn months are calling for something a little bit more sleek.  A tote bag with some cool details is an elevated basic that can be your carry-all through the colder seasons.  Not to mention that a fashion-forward tote can take you from the office, to parent/teacher conferences, to a weekend soccer game.  With all of the exciting fall events starting up again, who has time to change their purse anyway?

 Espadrille wedges are a summer staple that never go out of style, but with fall just around the corner it might be time for a new practical heel.  The updated slingback pump is a perfect option for when you need a shoe that you can wear to the office but also commute in.  Just think of Audrey Hepburn’s classic heels in Breakfast at Tiffany’s but with a modern twist.  Sling-backs are definitely not grandma shoes anymore! shutterstock_332628758_副本

When life starts to get busy post-summer, it’s easy to feel like there’s no time for a closet pick-me-up, but even busy moms need a little wardrobe update every once in a while.  The seasons may change but wardrobe staples never do; a casual blazer, cool tote bag, and slingback pumps are purchases that will always be in style.  




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