Save it, Sell it, Store it


th  Early autumn is the perfect time to do a little closet clean out! Starting out the new season by making more room for all those comfy sweaters and jackets you missed wearing in the 90 degree weather.  The key to a good closet clean out is knowing what to save, sell, and store that way when summer comes around again you are already organized. th



color light orange_副本_副本_副本SAVEDenim jackets, white jeans, and silk tanks

Whoever said that you can’t wear white after Labor day, lied! Leave out those white jeans because they can work for the colder months when paired with a neutral knit and some cool moto boots.  You’ll definitely want to keep out that trusty denim jacket too.  Save it for when temps really drop and you can wear it completely buttoned up as a thick denim shirt for extra warmth.  Leave those silk camis hanging up as well; silk is excellent at retaining heat which makes it the perfect for transitional layers!



SELL: ‘Trendy Summer only’ tops  

All good things must come to an end, even our favorite summer trends.  Off the shoulder tops and peasant blouses are great in moderation but if you got a little over zealous and bought five or six (yes you really did need all of those as beach cover ups) it might be time to let a few go.  Now there’s no reason to throughout all of your favorite shirts, pick out a few of your favorite trendy tops, but bring the rest to Beacon’s closet and get a little extra cash.

color light orange_副本_副本_副本1


STORE: Anything linen!

Finding a good bathing suit is hard, so when you find one that you love don’t ever let it go! Seriously I still have some beautiful vintage bathing suits that I inherited from my grandma.  

As for all your linen clothes, its time to put them away for the season.  While linen is the go to for a laid back beachy’ look it’s not practical for the changing season.  Make space in your closet and store them until next year.  


One of my favorite things about fall is entering the new season with a fresh start, and doing a little closet clean out is always a good idea.  The best part about this method is that you can use it to clean out your little ones closets as well. 

Just think of what will still be wearable now, what they will grow out of by next year, and what can be repurposed next summer.  Happy cleaning!


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