Top Two Transitional Pieces

 One of the most daunting aspects of transitional dressing is picking pieces that will work in the early and warm autumn months as well as later on when temperatures start to really drop.  It’s really hard to get excited about buying a wool jacket when the real feel outside is still 85 degrees.  

Between getting the kids off to school again and realizing that you have officially used up your PTO for summer beach days, busy fall days certainly mean that whatever clothes you buy now need to do double duty for those chilly fall days to come.  As luck would have it, two super popular trends can accomplish just that: the satin bomber and the structured vest.  Both add effortless polish to an outfit on a busy day as we transition from summer to fall.  

       The bomberKleauMedia_SelectionsSeptWeek1-95_副本

Finally a jacket that is light enough that you can wear it now and still use it to layer later.  For moms on the go, the bomber can be easily folded up and tossed in a tote.  This lightweight layer can be thrown over a breezy shift dress and paired with some sophisticated mules on those lingering 80 degree days when you need to bring the kids to school at 8:30 am but need to get to the office by 9 am.  Later on in the fall, this jacket serves double duty paired with sleek trousers and a pair of oxfords.  When tossed over a warm knit, a bomber cuts out the chilly autumn wind without looking too bulky.

The structured vest

he vest gets a bad rep as being a pointless layer, but the non-believers couldn’t be more wrong!  Adding a sleeveless coat to an outfit looks instantly cKleauMedia_SelectionsSeptWeek1-69_副本hic without any additional bulk weighing you down.  Throw the structured vest over a shirt-dress in the last month of warm weather.  However, when the city starts to cool down, a vest can provide lots of extra warmth by insulating your chest but leaving your arms free to move about.  Come October, it’ll make for the perfect in-between outerwear when worn over a turtleneck sweater and paired with tight-fitting pants.  Finish off the look with a pair of black boots for a practical, yet polished look.

Transitions are always a little scary; maybe that’s why everyone starts to dread the end of summer.  Dressing for transitional weather just means more freedom to get creative with layering.  We are sad to see summer go, but the promise of autumn layers and colorful leaves has us a little excited.

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