Two Minute Styling Trick: The Neck Scarf

When you’re running on a tight schedule, getting dressed in the morning becomes just another mundane morning chore, grab a yourself neck scarf.  

shutterstock_330212882_副本While it’s easy to revert to our closet staples, sometimes we miss the excitement of accessorizing.  If you’re in an outfit rut, accessorizing is the easiest (and cheapest) way to upgrade an outfit.  

Just think of all the options waiting in your closet that you haven’t experimented with yet!  That’s why our obsession du jour has been accessorizing’ with a silk scarf.  This two second styling trick is an effortless outfit upgrade that’s perfect for in-between seasons.

    Believe it or not, the scarf trend is much easier to wear than people think.  A silk scarf is just the right amount of coverage when temps are in the 60’s and it is a perfect way to add a pop of fall color to those summer outfits you’re still determined to wear.  Another reason why we love the neck scarf trend: silk scarves are a baby-proof accessory!  While necklaces and dangly’ earrings can be yanked and grab by your little one, a neck scarf is tied close and hard to pull on, which makes it a great option for moms whose kids are still going through the must yank on jewelry phase.


KleauMedia_Oct6Shoot2016-34_副本  When you’re picking out a neck scarf it’s important to remember size and material.  We think that a square scarf works best for this look.  A silk material is ideal, so we recommend sticking to something with a little give so that it’s comfortable around your neck.  While there are plenty of   beauKleauMedia_Oct6Shoot2016-36_副本tiful designer scarves available on the market, it’s easy to find silk scarves for under $5 dollars at your local thrift shop.  The L Train Vintage stores have an amazing selection of scarves for $1, which allows you to try out a few different colors and patterns.  If thrift shopping isn’t your thing, there are plenty of fast fashion retailers that carry neck scarves in their accessory aisles.  


    If you feel like giving this trend a try for yourself, we recommend starting out with accessorizing a simple outfit and using the scarf as an accent.  We love the look with a classic striped shirt and some laid back jeans for a chic but cool vibe; throw on a pair of ballet flats and your outfit will be instantly upgraded.  The scarf works as a perfect third piece for the outfit, making the standard t-shirt and jeans combo look elevated and styled with little effort.  We think that a striped tee is particularly good for this look because the pattern of the shirt and the scarf clash just enough to add a little interest to the outfit without looking overwhelming.  For those of you who feel like taking a fashion risk, pair a neck scarf with your favorite casual day dress to take your look from summer to fall.  It’s so easy to forget how much a simple accessory can upgrade a whole look.  We love how versatile and easy this trend is for an in-between season look.

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