What to eat when expecting

Pregnancy conjures up a happy image of feet propped up with a pint of ice cream, along with a side of pickles.  While it is true that you are eating for two, make sure what you are putting into your body is as nourishing for you as it is for the baby.  

Specific vitamins and minerals are required in higher doses to ensure a healthy pregnancy and development of the baby; Folic Acid and Iron being the most important before and during pregnancy, along with Calcium and Vitamin D.  It is always a good idea to supplement with a high-quality prenatal vitamin, but in addition to that, make sure that you are getting the following portions in your daily diet:

Vegetables: 3 cups

Fruit: 2 cups

Whole Grains: 7 oz

Protein: 6 oz

Dairy: 3 cups

Oils: 6 tsp

Chances are, you will experience some pretty intense hunger hankerings; cravings can, however, signal a lack in your diet.  If you understand the trigger then you have a better chance of making healthier choices.  By starting your day with a hearty breakfast, you are likely to be more discerning throughout the day.

If you are suffering from nausea, try a freshly pressed juice or smoothie, which will make it a lot easier to consume your fruits and veggies.  A green smoothie or juice can actually nip many cravings in the bud, and you are consuming a majority of your nutrients for the day in one serving!  Lemon water is a great way to stay hydrated, which as we know, is very important.

Avoid eating out of desperation by keeping your refrigerator and pantry stocked well with fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

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