Purifying your Air with plants


Adding house plants is not only a relatively inexpensive way to decorate but also can actually help improve the indoor air quality of your house. Parents must be cautious however, especially with little hands that love to taste and put things in their mouths.

When adding houseplants to your home, if you have a ‘taster’, choose a high shelf or piece of furniture for your plant to sit upon out of reach of little hands (and mouths). For larger plants and small trees, an overturned plastic container or ‘step’ from local home improvement stores can raise the bark and leaves above the grasp of children.   Making colorful plant stands and pots can also be an excellent art project for you and your child to enjoy.

Below is a brief list of house plants considered safe for homes with small children. Each of these plants also adds in air purification and can help make your space more allergy relief friendly during the spring time pollen season. Many garden center employees are also versed in which plants are safest to have around children, as well.

Areca Palm

This arching, feather like fond palm tree loves natural light and needs lots of it to grow. It’s best in rooms where sunlight directly shines through windows. It can also be expensive if bought full sized, so aim for smaller plants which will grow with your child. Arecas grow on average about six to ten inches per year and can reach heights of six to seven feet, so keep this in mind when you purchase.

Lady Palm

This is one adaptable plant! It will grow most anywhere in any condition,
but does love indirect light from windows. It can reach up to fourteen feet in height (wow! huge for indoors) but does tend to be a slow grower when placed in a pot inside your home. Look for dark green leaves when purchasing, as this means the plant’s roots are healthy and well

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palms love to be left alone to thrive and grow. Simply water
and watch for wilting or brown leaves. Otherwise let them fill your sunny room corner with dark green leaves and air cleansing ability. These plants grow about six to ten inches per year and can get as big as ten feet in height (although the average is around four feet high).

Dracaena “Janet Craig”

This plant is another easy care species that likes to be left in a sunny spot to grow. It’s also low care and simply needs water and a bit of cutting back if it seems to be growing too tall or wide. ‘Janet’ loves to be inside and will easily adapt to your home.


if you ever have doubts about having a certain plant around your precious little ones, ask the home garden assistants. There is also a wonderful list of safe plants used by child care centers, schools, hospitals, and businesses available at this link:


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