Shaping Up Postpartum

One of the many inevitable consequences women deal with after childbirth is the dreaded and stubborn baby weight that just won’t budge.

 After being physically stretched to the limit, it seems reasonable that the figure won’t immediately snap back to its original form.  Perhaps we need a bigger body to contain the limitless love that we hold for our newborns.  That being said, it is important to stay strong and healthy in order to keep up with the demands of motherhood.KleauMedia_SelectionsSeptWeek1-44_副本

Make sure to give yourself proper time to rest and recover.  Your body just performed an amazing feat that can take some time to heal.  Take it slow and keep your expectations realistic. Gentle stretching and light walks are a perfect place to start.

Once you feel ready to add more challenge, make a plan to keep yourself motivated. Time constraints can pose a challenge and one way to overcome this is to look for a facility that offers childcare.  Try enrolling in a Mama and me exercise program so you can take your wee one along with you.  If this is not feasible, there are a plethora of online options available that you can do at home.

Strength training builds muscle and bone density, which will come in handy when lifting cumbersome baby equipment like strollers and car seats, not to mention a growing child.

Cardio/interval training is a great way to burn away baby fat by rebooting a sluggish metabolism.  Cardio is also an excellent way to get your endorphin’s going.  Great cardio workouts include cycling, jogging with your stroller, boot camp, dance classes and hiking.

Yoga will keep your muscles supple and toned while maintaining your flexibility.  Hatha flow is perfect for working up a sweat, while Restorative and Yin Yoga are more meditative and provide a safe and soothing place to rest your weary bones.  

KleauMedia_SelectionsSeptWeek1-47_副本Exercise releases the feel-good hormones to balance out the Mommy blues that are so common during the postpartum period.  This will also promote better sleep, which helps to manage stress and anxiety.  Moms need strength and energy to keep up with a young child. Making the time for yourself as a part of your daily routine in the early days will foster healthy habits that are so important for both you and your family.

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