Cardboard Activites.



Kids are always looking for new toys to play with and they often get bored of the toys that they have. The downside to this is that children’s toys can be quite pricey, and why would we want to spend a bunch of money on something that your children will get sick of anyway? So, where do we go from here? Well, have you ever thought about all of the things that you can make out of cardboard boxes?

 Making toys out of boxes can be a fun activity for you and your children, and it saves you so much money! There are surprisingly a lot of things that you can make out of a cardboard box!KleauMedia_Aug19Shoot-8


1. Cardboard Doll House 

There are doll house templates that you can find, print out and follow right online to create your cardboard doll house. Or if you are feeling creative you can ‘wing it’ and let your kids decide how they want it to look. The opportunities are endless! The only supplies that you need to make a cardboard dollhouse are: a dollhouse template (optional), a recycled cardboard box, scissors/box cutter, colored pencils or markers, glue (optional) and a floor mat to place the dollhouse on. So yes, it is possible for you and your children to make a dollhouse that they will enjoy!


2. Cardboard City

This is a very simple task because cardboard boxes (when standing up) already look like buildings! This is a perfect way for you to make use of the large boxes that you have in storage. All you need to create your own cardboard city is: 5-10 large cardboard boxes, tape or glue, markers or paint. So this summer, let your children create their own dream buildings or create the town that goes with their playhouse.


3. Cardboard Ships

Cardboard ships are fun things to make for the summer time, as you can bring them with you to the beach, pool, pond, or bathtub! These ships are really simple to make and like the dollhouse, there are many templates that you can find right on the internet. Also, your children can customize as they would like! The supplies that you need to make cardboard ships are: a couple of cardboard boxes, the ship template (optional), a hot glue gun, colored pencils or markers, scissors or a box cutter (for shaping the boat) Popsicle sticks (for the sail) and passengers (Legos work great).

So tell you kids to get ready, because this summer is going to be full of affordable crafts, new toys and fun!


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