Family Fun: Indoor Activities


Movies/ TV!

Nowadays, watching movies or television shows has become so impersonal; they have created Netflix so that four people can watch four completely different shows at the same time. While this can be great when no one wants to watch the same show, it can also become very habitual and take away from family time.  So let’s change this!  Set aside one night a week to watch the new episode of a television show or a movie that you and your kids have yet to see. Watching movies and shows together is a great way to bring the family together this fall as you get to enjoy the show/movie along with your kids!


Let’s be honest, the population of people who read real books these days is small.  Well, we think that you should!  Reading books out loud as a family is another great way to get the family together.  When I was younger, my mother, sister, and I used to read books together and we had a great time!  So set aside a night to read to or with your children.  This is an educational way to have some good old fashioned family fun!

shutterstock_29785699_鍓湰Learning a new skill!

The internet is brilliant for a lot of reasons, but it is especially great for learning new skills.  There are countless amounts of free online outlets that allow you and your kids to learn how to play a new instrument, cook a new meal, or speak a new language.  For example, if you have always wanted to learn Italian, set aside a couple of nights to learn Italian as a family. Learning a new skill as a family can be a great bonding experience, will be intellectually stimulating for all, and makes a good use of your down time in the evening!


shutterstock_133794029_副本Games bring people together!  So whether you are using a Wii, Xbox, or a simple deck of cards, set aside a night to play some games as a family!  You can turn game night into a competition with real rewards that will get your children excited.  For example, the winner of tonight’s game night doesn’t have to wash the dishes all week.  I mean, who could argue with that?
Don’t let any evening go to waste and select activities that your whole family will love to do together!

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