Outdoor Art Activities

Every child is an artist in his or her own way, and art is a great way for all children to express themselves! It is nice for children to have art supplies around the house, so they can watch their own ideas come to life, have something productive to do on those not so nice summer days, and have a creative project to work on when their friends come over! We have come up with a couple of fun painting ideas that your children will love to do this summer.

                 These ideas bring a whole new meaning to the act of painting!


Bubble Blower Paint: Ok, this has to be the most awesome idea ever! Do your children like to blow bubbles and, do they like to paint? So, why not do both at the same time? Well, now they can! Bubble blower painting is really simple; it is basically just blowing colorful bubbles onto a sheet of paper. The great thing about this type of paint is it doesn’t make a huge mess like regular paint. Making your own bubble blower paint is very simple, as, all you need is: bubble mixture (any commercial mixture is fine) and food coloring. To paint, all you need is bubble wands, large cups or trays for mixing/dipping the wands and large sheets of white painting paper. This type of activity is super entertaining for most children, because it is more abstract and exciting than regular painting. Bubble blower painting let’s your children’s imaginations come alive and it can keep them amused for hours!


Chalk Paint: I have to mention the seemingly new idea for children called chalk-paint. Chalk-paint is literally what sounds like, as, it is a paint-like substance and comes off like chalk. Genius, I know! Chalk paint is relatively cheap; I have seen some that costs $4 (by Crayola) or less! Chalk paint can be used on many different types of surfaces such as: paper, tar or wood. So your children can use it for a variety of different projects. For example, they can use chalk-paint for a more exciting way to make their hopscotch table or they can use it to create a mural for their bedroom! Oh and just in case a mess is made, (which there usually is with all types of art projects) chalk-paint comes off with a little soap and water.The best thing about this paint is it allows for an enjoyable and not so extravagant activity that your children can do right at home!

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