Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

Kids' hands around a heart made of a wool thread in a kindergarten workshop.
Kids’ hands around a heart made of a wool thread in a kindergarten workshop.


Alright everyone, it is almost that time of year again; yes, that’s right, Mother’s Day is
right around the corner!  So, I am sure that many of you are wondering: “what the heck am I going to get her this year?”  There is no need to stress over finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift because this year, we have got you covered!  We have some suggestions for you that are unique, simple, and useful gifts that mom will absolutely love.  All of these gifts can be handmade by you and your children; we are talking about stuff that she will actually use!  I mean, what could be better than some useful and lovely gifts made by your wife’s/mother’s favorite people?

Printed oven mitts ­ If your wife loves to cook, this could be the perfect gift for her!  I know that you are already thinking, “I already bought her a new oven mitt last year.”  Well, this year, you and your kids can design your own oven mitts!  There are many things that you can put on your oven mitts such as: handprints, drawings, notes, and whatever else you think she will love!  All that you need to design your own oven mitts are: cloth mitts and fabric paint and/or markers.

This is a very simple craft that your children will love, and it can result in some wonderful Painted tea towels ­ Tea towels are useful for everyone; so instead of buying her a new set of towels, why not paint your own?  All you need to paint your own tea towels is: towels, fabric paint, paint brushes, and lemons (optional).  There are a couple of ways that you can paint tea towels: first, you can use the fabric paint and paint brushes to draw pictures on the towels; or you can use the fabric paint and lemons (cut in half) to “stamp” the tea towels.  Basically, the lemons covered with fabric paint can be used to create fruit shaped designs on the towels. This is an unconventional and amusing way to create one­of­a­kind towels!

Painted coffee mugs ­ If your wife/mother is a habitual coffee drinker (like most of us), I
guarantee that she would love to drink her morning coffee out of a mug designed by her family.

All that you need to create your own coffee mugs is: white mugs, glass/ceramic markers, or nail polish.  There are many things that can go on coffee mugs such as: notes, paintings, designs, quotes, and more!  This is another great craft for letting your children’s imaginations run wild, Photo bookmarks ­ Photo bookmarks are the perfect gift for a mom who is an avid reader.  Don’t we all misplace bookmarks constantly?  So, make your wife/mother a bookmark that she will never lose!  All you need to make these bookmarks are: a camera and/or phone, white printing paper, a printer, laminator (or plastic sheets), scissors, tape, a whole punch, string or ribbons, and most importantly, your kids!  You can put anything on these bookmarks from your kids’ favorite “selfies” to your wife’s/mother’s favorite places to her favorite animals.  This is another simple, but awesome gift that she will love for Mother’s Day!

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