Household Crafts and Activities.

The summer is full of excitement and relaxation for children, but it can be completely the opposite for adults, full of chores and time consuming activities. For many of us, the summer includes activities like planning what your children will do today, taking care of the garden, finally remodeling the bathroom and the list goes on! While redesigning the bathroom or planting flowers may sound like a chore to you, this kind of stuff can be quite fun for children. And, often times you will find that your children have wonderful ideas, ones that you wouldn’t think of in a million years! So, I believe that it is possible for you to get everything done this summer with a little help from your kids!

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Here are a few fun household improving activities that you can do with your children this summer!

1. Bring your children shopping!

Let face it, most children love when they get the chance to make decisions and act like adults. So, let your children be adults for the day! For example, let your children pick out what colored towels should be in the bathroom, or let them choose which plant pots should go on the front steps! This will get them excited to help you do some work when you get home. (You could even do this with food; let them help you decide what’s for dinner. Chicken tenders or hot dogs?!) Bringing your children shopping is great way for you to encourage creative thinking and planning ahead; and giving your children a say, lets them know that their opinions are being valued.


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2. Decorate and design plant pots with your children!

Painting plant pots is a great excuse for kids to bring out their paints or drawing kits. This used to be one of my most favorite activities! All you need is a plant pot, and you can find plain plant pots at Wal-Mart or any one-stop-shop for very affordable prices! Or you can turn any container (like a chipped coffee mug) into a plant pot. Let your children paint these pots in whatever colors, designs and patterns they’d like! This lets them do something creative and gets you some one-of-a-kind plant holders for the front porch!


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3. Frame and hang your their art work!

If you are looking for photos or paintings to hang on the empty living room wall, why not ask your children to pick a photo or to create something? I would imagine that most children would feel important and appreciated, when you tell them that their artwork that will hang on the wall for everyone to see! Also, if you are looking for the perfect photo to set on the mantel, there are a couple things you can do! First, you can tell your children to take some new photos on the iPad. This would be a great way to create new memories! Second, you could look through your old photo albums (which are most likely on the computer today). Digging up old photos can turn into hours of family stories, memories and revelations!

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