How to Wear Your Baby.

shutterstock_63945916_鍓湰Some infants come into the world needing a little extra help adjusting to their new surroundings.  These lovely creatures enjoy the feeling of being coddled and prefer to stay close to their caregivers at all times.  My little dear one fell into this category and she was inconsolable when put down for even just a much needed bathroom break.  Needless to say, Daisy and I were permanently attached to each other for those first few months before she took off crawling. Looking back, I think I needed the bonding time just as much as she did knowing that she would be my only one.  Daisy and I clung to each other for dear life as I rode the wild storm of new mother emotions.

I became a pro at eating with my left hand, navigating crowded city streets, and going to the bathroom all with a little human pinned to my chest.  I also quickly became well-versed with all of the options that exist for baby wearing.  There are many choices available now with the rise in attachment parenting and the need to be hands-free to maintain our on the go lifestyle.

shutterstock_58295647_鍓湰Slings and wraps are the perfect way to keep a newborn securely nestled while maintaining the skin-to-skin contact that infants crave.  This is the original inspiration for all of the carriers that can be found across the globe.  Both Moby and Solly Wrap feature beautiful fabrics and colors.  Babies look so peaceful when properly wrapped; however this may take some practice to get the wrap just right.  I was never able to get it down just right as my baby was too squirmy and wiggled right out.

If this is the case with your baby, try one of the many carriers on the market.  The Ergo is a much loved option that keeps the chest facing inward for newborn days and transitions outward for the inquisitive baby.  You can wear it on your back for more support as the baby grows.

shutterstock_57113659_鍓湰Baby Bjorn is another front and back facing carrier which provides lumbar support as well as shoulder pads. The Bjorn also features adjustable buckles to grow along with your baby.

Kelty Pathfinder is for the adventurous to use while hiking or traveling.  This carrier is equipped with a changing pad, a day pack that zips off, and under seat storage.  Surprisingly, all this manages to be lightweight and easy to carry.

It is helpful to try a few different options out with your baby to see what feels best for the both of you.  A general rule of thumb is that the baby will feel most secure in what makes you most comfortable.  Know that your needs will change as the baby grows.

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