Kid Friendly Stay-Cations.

Yay!!  for the warmer weather finally returning! With the advance of spring and summer we all begin to long for a much needed break from the everyday grind.  Everyone needs a vacations and to get away from it all some time!



Yet maybe your budget doesn’t allow for that fantasy trip to Disney World. What are some kid friendly, fun things to do on your stay-at-home vacation break (or ‘stay-cation’) that also won’t bust your budget? Here are a few.

Go Local: Many communities have tons of hidden places that are fun and kid friendly. While a museum of paintings and statues may be a bit over your child’s head and interests, a ‘hands on’ museum could be just the ticket. If you live near water (ocean, rivers, lakes) check out places that let child touch water life animals. Mountain areas often have easy hiking trails perfect for little feet. And many of these are free of charge.

Make Your Own: Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring. Create your own beach in your backyard with a slip and slide, child’s pool, and even a bag of pretty white sand (available in many home improvement stores). Spread out your towels, grab the sunscreen, set up some music, and have a blast at your own beach. The cost can be as little as twenty dollars!

Take a Drive: Hop in car and discover your town. Look for road signs with unique names. For example, some of the most creative streets around my area are: Candy Cane Lane, Silver Horse Road, and Doughnut Hole Drive (yes, these are all actual names!). For a few dollars of gas, you can have some giggles, grins, and fun.

Check for Classes: Many Home Improvement, Craft, and some Mega Stores offer kid friendly classes to make things or even learn simple cooking. This can be a great activity for you and your child to participate in together. Some are free (the local home improvement store has a free Saturday Kids’ workshop) or ask for the cost of the supplies used.

IMG_4682_副本Go Rec: Our local parks and recreation center has dozens of activities at all age and skill levels. Everything from dancing to soccer to cake decorating is offered. Signing up and taking a class can be a fun way to spend time with your child and learn new things. The fees vary, but almost all were $5 for kids under twelve and $10 for adults.

Last of all, have a Veg Out Day. Set Netflix or Prime to kid friendly movies and spend the day in PJ’s watching cartoons. Make pop corn and order pizza. It’s a vacation after all so take a break from healthy eating.


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