Dance Games!

Childhood is the best time for children to listen to, dance to and learn about music! Music can open up various areas of the brain that other activities otherwise wouldn’t. Music helps develop the parts of the brain that are associated with language skills, social skills, emotion skills, motor skills and intellectual skills. Of course, most children don’t just want listen music for hours; but, what if you turned their favorite music into fun games?




  Musical Chairs

This game is a classic, and I bet that you all have played this at some point in your lives. If not, it is very simple! All you need is music and chairs. So, if you have 5 children playing the game, you would start out with 4 chairs. You would play a song and the children walk or dance around the chairs. When the music stops, the first 4 people to make it to a chair will continue to the next round. This process continues until you have a winner! There are a lot of benefits to playing this game: it gets children up and dancing to the beat of the music; it gets them listening for the music to pause; and most importantly, it teaches them how to share and take turns with other kids.

Musical Hide and Seek

This is a really cool game, especially for the very little ones. All you need to play this game is something that plays music- this could be a cell phone, a radio or even a stuffed animal. You can play this with one child or many children. So, you hide the music playing device and turn on the music. All the kids have to do, is dance around as they look for it. Its as simple as that!

This game teaches children how to work together if they are playing in a group while heightening their sense of hearing.

Freeze Dance

This game is a little similar to musical chairs, because you would need someone controlling the music. Basically, you would play the music for a certain amount of time and have the children dance to the music;once the music stops, the children will need to freeze in which ever position they were in. If anyone moves while the music is paused, THEY ARE OUT!

This game can be so fun and suspenseful. It teaches them how to be patient, how to balance, how to listen and how to interact with other children.

Musical Charades

This is my favorite game! The musical game is similar to the regular game of charades, except the only category is music! Of course, you would have subcategories like theme songs, popular songs, artist name etc.

In this game, each player takes turns in humming , describing, and acting out the song. While one player is up on the stand describing the song,  the other players would need to guess which song or artist they were trying to describe! This teaches children how to work with others, listen to cues and use alternative language to describe the song without giving it away.

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