Organizing The Nest

Organizing the nest_副本

“There’s so much stuff with a baby!” Jennifer, eight months pregnant moaned. “My closets were already bursting and now I feel like everything is just shoved in corners. It’s such a mess!”

It’s been said the tiniest humans have the most stuff! What are some ways to organize and yet make certain everything you and your baby need are easily accessible while being neat and tidy?

                                          Go Long and Up!

Since many baby items are small, you can use things like over-the-door clear plastic shoe organizers to hold tiny socks, shoes, hair care items, pacifiers, even small shirts, sleepers, nightgowns, and the ever popular onesies. These items fit easy in the shoe pockets. They will be held securely and out of the way, yet completely available when you need them in a hurry.

Go Unusual and Green!

With the push to ‘go green and recycle’, try re using your plastic coffee containers as storage bins for cotton balls, baby wipe holders, q-tips, and other small items. Wash the container well, let dry, and then cover with colorful contact paper which matches your baby’s room décor.

         Go Where No Hanger Has Before!

Peg board(s) can work wonders in a baby’s room. You can make extra space to hang small coats, clothes, and even extra blankets.  These can be placed on the wall behind the door or over a changing table, as well. Broaden this hanging idea with a rack used to hold kitchen utensils, as well. The hooks are perfect to store baby sized items in a convenient place yet in a neat way.

      Go Piles and Containers!

Babies quickly grow out of their newborn sizes. To make things super easy, buy a few of the large storage containers (like what Christmas ornaments are typically packed away in). Every few weeks, go through your baby’s clothes and items. Pack away what is out grown or no longer needed and label with brown masking tape to quickly tell you what’s inside.

Waiting-to-fit items can also be done this way. These containers can then be stacked in a closet, basement or attic until needed. Try stacking a couple against a wall near the crib or in a corner, covered with a pretty blanket or sheet and VOILÀ,  You have an extra flat surface or table for even more storage!

          Go Easy on You!!!

No one expects any home, with a new baby, to resemble a home decorating magazine. Neither should you. You’re taking excellent care of a baby, the most important job ever!

Organizing the nest (2)_副本

Organizing a baby’s home can be tough but hopefully these tips help you. Congratulations on your new addition!


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