Scrap Book Fun!


circleI know what you may be thinking: “Scrapbooks, who needs them?”  We already have social media venues which serve as live scrapbooks for people in this generation, right?  Right; however, there are many ways that your children can still have fun and benefit from using old- fashioned scrap-books instead of social media.

 First of all, scrapbooks are personal, judgment-free, and they are not available for the whole world to see.  Scrap-booking allows kids to form their own opinions about their photos and experiences, as they do not need to rely on how many “likes” they get on their photos.  Also, scrap-booking is one way to get your kids off of social media, FINALLY!  So, believe me when I say that scrap-booking is far from dead, and it can still be an excellent craft for kids today!



Photos: Obviously a scrapbook wouldn’t be a scrapbook without photos, so what kinds of photos should you include in your scrapbook?  You should include photos of memorable people, places, and things!  Some memorable moments might include: family trips, family functions, birthday parties, dance recitals, basketball games, family firsts, baby photos, photos of pets, or any photos that you and your family can use to reminisce about in the future!

Themes: Separating your scrapbooks into themes can be fun, efficient, and a great way to document important parts of your kids’ lives!  For example, you might want to have one book for each child’s first day of school.  Maybe you want to make a separate book for each family vacation.  It is up to you how you would like to organize your scrapbooks, but having themes may make it easier to find photos of the important moments in later years!

Calendars/Important Dates: Putting the dates in your scrapbooks can be helpful, too.  I know most of us have been there; “How old was I when I learned how to ride a bike?”  Documenting important dates will allow your children to have clearer memories of their important childhood experiences in the future!

Places/Maps: Adding photos or maps of the places where your family has traveled is always a great idea, and hopefully it gets your children excited about traveling and seeing the world!  I don’t know about you, but it is still fun for me to look at maps of all of the places I have visited.  Including maps in the scrapbook will help to wrap your children’s heads around exactly where it is that they traveled to and potentially make the geography that they have learned in school relevant to their own lives.  


Decorations: This is the fun part!  Let your kids’ imaginations run wild!  Does anyone else remember going to the craft store and picking out the perfect stickers, quotes, frames, fabrics, and sparkles to include in their scrapbook?  Well, I do, and it is SO much fun!  Allow your kids to choose whatever materials they need to make a scrapbook that is unique and memorable for them.

Scrap-booking can be a great way for kids to exercise their imagination while becoming intimate with their memories.  Giving children hands-on projects is always a healthy way to keep them engaged in something and can be a great bonding experience to do as a family.  So, beat that, social media!

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